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The main services of the Bureau are:

  • The promulgation of national standards which facilitate trade and safeguard against goods which are hazardous to health and safety 

  •  Providing national and international standards information 

  •  Provide assistance in the development of national and regional stanards 

  •  Providing international trade information as the World Trade Organization /Technical Barriers to Trade (WTO/TBT) Enquiry point 

  •  Operating as Contact Point for the Codex Alimentarius Commission - the FAO/WHO body responsible for the establishment of international food standards 

  •  Monitoring at ports of entry and the marketplace to ensure compliance with standards and regulations 

  •  Testing and analyzing of raw materials, components and finished goods 

  •  Certification of products, processes and systems 

  •  Calibration of equipment 

  •  Offering Industrial training as a mechanism to promote the application of standards through seminars and in-plant courses 

  •  Research and development 

  • Technical advice/Consultancy

The laboratories and departments that carry out these services are:
Chemistry, Microbiology, Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering, Non-Metallic, The Inspectorate, Packaging, Civil Engineering, Metrology, Electrical/Electronics, Furniture, Standards and Certification, the Training & Development Centre and the Technical Information Centre.

Through analyses of feedback from our customers there is constant review for the continuous improvement of the services being offered.

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