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                               FREQUENTLY REQUESTED STANDARDS



*JS 36: 1991 Processed Food (General) -  Details the establishment, preparation, packaging and storage of, and condition of sale for processed foods. Read in conjunction with the Processed Food Act 1959. Mandatory. ISBN 976-604-134-2​

*JS CRS 35 : 2010 - Spices and sauces - Provides requirements for the identification, composition, purity, hygiene in processing, labelling, sampling and testing of spices and sauces. 

This standard does not apply to:

  - ketchups;

  - barbeque-flavour sauces;

  - spices derived from plants which are not specified in this standard;

  - sauces made from recipes or formulae which are not specified in this standard;

  - vinegars flavoured with spices or plant material extracts; and

  - essential oils, extracts, or oleo-resins derived from spices that are intended to be used as flavouring        or colouring agents in food. Mandatory ISBN 978-976-604-508-1



*JS CRS 5 : 2010 (2017) Labelling of pre - packaged foods - Applies to the labelling of all pre-packaged foods to be offered tothe consumer or for catering purposes.

This standard is not applicable to food:

  - sold unpackaged, or in an open or uncovered package;
  - weighed or measured in or counted into the package in the presence of the purchaser;
  - intended for export only, which comply with the requirements of standards or laws on labelling of         the country to which they are being exported;
  - where any CARICOM Regional Standard for any class of food makes differing or supplementary        provisions for labelling; and NOTE In such cases, the provisions of that CARICOM Regional                Standard shall prevail over the provisions of this standard.
  - which is gift-wrapped. Mandatory. ISBN 978-976-604-507-4

*JS 350: 2020 Jamaican Standard Specification for Labelling of goods: Specific requirements for prepackaged goods - This standard specifies requirements for the information to be included on labels of goods pre-packaged for sale, the method of display of such information, and where necessary, the wording and units of measurements to be used. ISBN 978-976-8296-13-9. This standard is compulsory. Replaces JS 1 Part 20: 1988 Jamaican Standard Specification for the Labelling of commodities Part 20: Labelling of pre-packaged goods.



*JS 35: 2011 Standard hollow concrete blocks - Applies to hollow pre-cast concrete blocks made from a mixture of Portland cement, water and suitable aggregates, and intended for the use in load bearing masonry walls of buildings. Mandatory. ISBN 978-976-604-487-9

*JS 306 : 2017 Application document for the International Building Code - Requirements constitute the Jamaica Application Document for the International Building Code (IBC) which together with the IBC are now referred to as the engineered Building Code of Jamaica.

ISBN 978-976-604-456-5


*JS CRS 1 : 2010 Packaged water - Specifies requirements for the purity, treatment, bacteriological acceptability, packaging and labelling of all waters that are pre-packaged for sale and used as beverages or in foods. This standard does not apply to water distributed by the public water
  supply system, to carbonated beverages, soda water or to packaged water sold for purposes other than as a beverage. This standard should be used in conjunction with CRCP 1, Code of Hygienic Practice for Packaged Water. Mandatory ISBN 978-976-604-505-0

*JS CRS 3 : 2010 Packaged natural coconut water  - Applies to packaged natural coconut water, as defined in clause 3, which is offered for consumption. It only applies to coconut water which has been packaged in its natural state without the use of additives.
Mandatory ISBN 978-976-604-506-7

*JS 215: 1998 Jerk seasoning and jerk sauce - Establish the significant quality requirements for Jerk seasoning and to provide users and distributors with a common understanding of the natural characteristics of the product. Read in conjunction with ISO 2859, JS 1: Part 20 and
JS 36.
 Mandatory. ISBN 976-604-211-Y


*JS 170: Part 1: 1989 Cosmetics. Part 1: General requirements - Specifies the general requirements for the manufacture of cosmetic products. ISBN 976-604-107-5


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