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The Testing and Industrial Services Branch performs testing on a wide range of building and civil engineering materials.The Branch also conducts technical assessments of building systems, on-site building defect investigations and participate in the review and development of national and international standards, including the Jamaica National Building Codes.

Services offered by the Branch:

Aggregates for Concrete


  • Aggregates Impact Value

  • Aggregates Crushing Value

  • Elongation Index

  • Flakiness Index

  • Percentage Wear {L.A. abrasion}

  • Sieve Analysis

  • Organic Impurities and Sugar

  • Specific Gravity Coarse

  • Specific Gravity Fine

  • Water Absorption

  • Soundness                                                                                               

  • Deleterious Substances

  • Material Finer than 75um

  • Moisture Content


  • Plastic Limit

  • Compaction (Proctor)

  • California Bearing Ratio


  • Specific Surface Fineness

  • Compressive Strength Mortar

  • Consistency

  • Setting Time

  • Density

  • Autoclave Expansion

Concrete Blocks

  • Compressive Strength

  • Dimensions  

Ready Mixed Concrete (on-site) Testing


  • Compressive Strength (cubes and cylinders)

  • Temperature

  • Air Content

  • Slump

Non-Destructive Testing 

  • Rebound Hammer Test

​Technical Assessment and Consultation

  • Technical Assessments of Building Systems
  • On-site Building Defect Investigations
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Concrete Coring (strength determination)
  • Consumer Complaints

NB: The Testing and Industrial Services Branch assists customers to meet applicable standards through their consultancy services.


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Bureau of Standards Jamaica
6 Winchester Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica
Tel: (876) 618-1534, (876) 632-4275


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