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The National Accreditation Focal Point Jamaica (NAFP) which was established at the request of the CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality (CROSQ), is based at the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) and officially launched in 2016. The NAFP represents the initiatives of CROSQ while still being a part of Jamaica's National Standards Body - The BSJ.

Why the NAFP Jamaica?

The NAFP forms a link between the Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) and the National Accreditation Body (NAB) - the Jamaica National Agency for Accrediation (JANAAC) in the Jamaican context. There are NAFPs in 15 States of the Caribbean/South America that are signatories to CROSQ.

Role of the NAFP Jamaica?

The Unit provides consultation and technical support to CABs seeking to implement a Quality Management System to meet the requirement of an accreditation standard.

NAFP Jamaica Facilitation Process

  1. Engagement of CABs – World Accreditation Day Week, World Standards Day Week, Ongoing

  2. CAB Needs Determination

  3. CAB Gap Audit – to ascertain gaps in fulfilling requirements of applicable standard

  4. CAB Facilitation – consultancy to guide, assist with access to services and programmes

  5. Internal Audit for Accreditation Application Readiness

  6. CAB Recommendation to JANAAC​


Accreditation provides peace of mind and assurance to both business and consumers that the products and services they are using in daily life have been verified by conformity assessment bodies against national and international standards. The ongoing work of the IAF and ILAC as the appointed authorities to which accreditation bodies comply provides additional reassurance and confidence that transcends frontiers and the subsequent acceptance of accredited certification in multiple markets, based on one accreditation.

What benefit does accreditation provide?

For Businesses:

Accreditation is an essential tool for decision-making, risk management and brand recognition. Organisations can save time and money by selecting an accredited and therefore competent supplier. Accurate measurements and tests carried out in compliance with best practices limit product failure and down time thereby helping to control manufacturing costs. The selection of an accredited certification body is more likely to realise the value of implementing an energy management system.

For Consumers:

Consumer confidence is gained from goods or services that are accompanied by a certificate or report provided by a laboratory, inspection or certification body accredited by a signatory to the international accreditation arrangements managed by IAF and ILAC. From making an informed choice when choosing a company to carry out some energy efficiency work in the home, to the quantity and quality of fuel that we put in our cars, accreditation provides this level of confidence.

What is the role of accreditation?

Accreditation is the independent evaluation of these conformity assessment bodies against recognised standards to carry out specific activities to ensure their integrity, impartiality and competence. Through the application of national and international standards, government, procurers and consumers can have confidence in the calibration and test results, inspection reports and certifications provided by the conformity assessment bodies.

Accreditation bodies are established in many countries with the primary purpose of ensuring that conformity assessment bodies are subject to oversight by an authoritative body. Accreditation bodies, that have been evaluated by peers as competent, sign arrangements that enhance the acceptance of products and services across national borders, thereby creating a framework to support trade. These arrangements are managed by the ILAC, in the area of laboratory and inspection accreditation, and the IAF, in the fields of management systems, products, services, personnel accreditation. Both ILAC and IAF work together and coordinate their efforts to enhance accreditation and conformity assessment worldwide.

For all registration and requests, please see NAFP Jamaica Registration & Service Request Form here. Please complete and submit form at the BSJ's Industrial Training Unit offices.

Read more on CROSQ's Caribbean Cooperation for Accreditation Scheme.

National Accreditation Focal Point Stakeholders' Meeting January 2019

Sonia Morgan, Coordinator NAFP Jamaica, addresses those in attendance at the NAFP Stakeholder Meeting, January 2019

Sharonmae Shirley, CEO of JANAAC presents on Jamaica's National Accreditation Program

Mr. Stephen Farquharson, Technical Officer - Accreditation and Conformity Assessment, CROSQ, brings greetings

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